What is VBikes?
VBikes is a bicycle sharing services platform, enabling everyone to access to mobility. VBikes increases the overall health of cities by reducing dependence on automobiles, traffic congestion and pollution.

How does VBikes work?
Download the VBikes App, pay the fully-refundable deposit, unlock a bike via the VBikes App, ride to your destination, and manually lock the bike in an appropriate area when finished.

Why do I have to pay $99.00?
VBikes is a sharing platform and functions best when riders are responsible with the VBikes. The $99.00 deposit ensures everyone can trust that their fellow riders treat the VBike responsibly.

If you request a refund we will process your refund immediately. A delay in the refund may be because some banks or credit card companies take time to process the return.

I cannot unlock a VBike, why?
Bluetooth may be disabled. Phones are unable to communicate with the VBikes smart lock when Bluetooth is disabled. Please ensure that Bluetooth remains on while riding or using the VBikes App.

Your VBikes wallet may be empty. If so, the App will not unlock a VBike. Tap on “My Wallet” in the App to refill and continue enjoying VBikes.

If the VBike is inside a building, a garage, or a basement, its signal strength may not be strong enough to connect to nearby cell towers. We encourage our riders to park VBikes in locations where a signal can be received and other riders will be able to find and unlock the bikes.

Do I have to wear a helmet?
We encourage all riders to wear a helmet and follow all respective state and local laws when riding a VBike. For example: In Texas, anyone under 18 is required to wear a helmet.

For additional safety tips, please visit: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/news/2015/07/10-bike-safety-tips/index.htm

What if something happens to the bike during my rental?
If you are involved in an accident during your rental, please report it immediately to the local authorities.

If the VBike is stolen, please report the theft to local authorities immediately and notify us of the loss as soon as possible at info@vbikes.com.

If a VBike is intentionally damaged or destroyed, the $99.00 deposit will be forfeited. All states prohibit intentionally damaging property.

Do I have to park the VBike in a particular location when I am finished with my ride?
Our VBikes can go anywhere at any time. No stations are required. However, we ask that our riders be thoughtful of others and park responsibly. Please do not park a VBike in any area that may be an inconvenience for pedestrians, motorists, or other cyclists.

Why is my app stuck saying “Ending Trip”?
Bluetooth may be disabled or was disconnected at some point during your trip. To end your trip and see your trip data, please ensure that Bluetooth is on and restart the App.

For optimal functionality. we recommend you have the VBikes App open when you close the lock.

What if I notice an issue with a VBike?
VBikes functions best when responsible riders operate in a courteous and considerate manner to other riders. Please pass along the information to us at info@vbikes.com and we will correct any problem for the next rider.

When do I get my refund?
VBikes issues your refund immediately. Your bank or credit card company may take several days to return your money.

What if I get a new phone number?
Simply request a refund with your old number and sign up again with your new mobile number.

Why do I not see any VBikes in my area?
VBikes is a newly formed and fast-growing company with plans to expand nation-wide. Contact us at info@vbikes.com and learn about our plans to expand service to your area.